Prime Minister and Premier

Premier of Makira-Ulawa Province Hon Thomas Weape said it is the vision of his government to ensure that the people of the province enjoy the benefits of their natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Hon Weape made the remarks in his address at the province’s 32nd Second Appointed Day Anniversary at the provincial headquarters of Kirakira on Monday.

“Good people of Makira-Ulawa Province, 32 years have gone. Eight successive provincial governments have gone. Great leaders have come and gone and here we are yet to develop a desired destiny for our province and people, both present and future.

“Thus the vision of my government is to strive to see that the people of Makira-Ulawa Province enjoy and benefit from their resources in a much sustainable manner whilst promoting and participating in economic and social development for a peaceful co-existence of our communities.

Premier Weape also spoke of the importance of the Makira-Ulawa Provincial Government allowing itself to govern the province according to God’s direction.

“I strongly believe and urge all of us that it is time that we take a new approach and direction to move our province forward. As stated in the Bible in 2 Chronicles 7: 14- If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.

“Unfortunately, we leaders and employees have failed to display Christ’s moral values. Corruption and immoral behaviour have crept into our system and those who man the system and became a barrier to receiving God’s blessings and goodness to us as a province.”

The Premier said the 34th Second Appointed Day anniversary celebration started off with reconciliation amongst the different communities in the province and provincial government departments and a thanksgiving service.

“As a province, I firmly believe that we also need to seek God’s forgiveness and devote all our resources, plans and lives to him. If we are to move forward, we have to begin a new page.”

The Premier meanwhile thanked the Democratic Coalition for Change Government for prioritising the proposed establishment of an Eastern Region Referral Hospital in Kirakira.

“I believe this is only the beginning of many good things that we will benefit from your term as Prime Minister of this nation,” he added.

Premier Weape also used the opportunity to highlight some of his province’s pressing needs which include a wharf for Kirakira, tar sealing of the Kirakira airport and establishment of bridges over the Warihito and Rawo rivers.

“The most urgent need for us is the establishment of a wharf at Kirakira. If time is money, then we have lost millions of dollars in the situation where we do not have a wharf that will enable the efficient delivery of both business and social services to our people. Kirakira is the only provincial headquarter in the country that does not have a wharf.

“Secondly, another most important need is the tarsealing of the airport. The cancellation of flights because of poor runway conditions continues to cause huge losses for us and our important stakeholders. I believe we can achieve greater economic benefits if this problem is addressed.

“Thirdly is our request for the establishment of bridges over the Warihito and Rawo rivers. I firmly believe that one these essential infrastructures are built, our economy will certainly improve. The Warihito and Rawo basins have the highest number of cocoa farmers in our province.”