PM Sogavare and Premier Weape

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare has told the Makira-Ulawa Provincial Government that working in cooperation with the national government is crucial to ensuring development success.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the Makira-Ulawa Province 32nd Second Appointed Day Anniversary celebration in Kirakira on Monday.

“Makira-Ulawa Province, just like any other province in the country, is endowed with natural resources which I believe if properly managed and utilised will bring development and benefits not only to its people but other citizens of this nation.

“I am sure with the level of experience and commitment that members of your provincial executive have and the resilience and willingness of your people to participate in development under the guidance of competent, devoted and knowledgeable provincial administrators working together with the national government, whatever development aspirations and development goals you should attain with limited challenge.”

“This is a great challenge which I believe all provinces can also share with Makira-Ulawa Province. But as long as we work together, set our strategies and implementation plans in the right direction and utilise our shared resources with the right technical expertise, I am sure we should benefit from what we have and help enhance development for our future generations.”

The Prime Minister said the Democratic Coalition for Change Government is working on a comprehensive legal framework to address large-scale economic developments in the country in preparation for the adoption of the state government system.

He said Tourism, agriculture, fisheries and sustainable development in the forestry sector are high on the list of target areas.

Prime Minister Sogavare said the Democratic Coalition for Change Government has tasked the Member of Parliament for East Makira to revive the Development Bank of Solomon Islands to assist local entrepreneurs in these strategic areas.

He said if everything goes well, the country should see the bank operating again in 2016.

The Prime Minister also encouraged Makira-Ulawa Province to collaborate and share visions and aspirations with its sister provinces in order to garner support for its government and people.

“Your challenges and aspirations are not strange to other provinces. I believe that other provincial leaders also have hearts for their sister provinces and I would like you to utilise and make use of the existing networks you have to share visions and aspirations.

“I would encourage you to take advantage of this togetherness to help share cost-effective strategies that are required to develop and broaden the socio-economic base of this province. The outcome of course would be an improved livelihood and a strong willpower in the minds of our people to be stronger and more resilient as we move on,” he added.

Prime Minister Sogavare acknowledged the decision taken by the Makira-Ulawa Provincial Government in commencing its 32nd Second Appointed Day Anniversary programme with a reconciliation ceremony and a series of bible teaching sessions.

“I must commend the Premier and the organising committee for including these activities. They speak volume about your conviction and the principles upon which the exercise of leadership is premised in this province- that we need divine intervention in our conduct of leadership.”

The Prime Minister added that, “ Real peace and unity can only come when we acknowledge the presence and the rightful place of the Prince of Peace in everything we do and how we conduct the affairs of government.”

“If there is a time that leaders must turn to God in our country, it is now. As citizens of a Christian country, we must not take lightly our dependency on God lightly.”

Whilst in Kirakira, the Prime Minister and his delegation which includes the Minister for Provincial Government Hon Dudley Kopu and all the Makira-Ulawa Province Members of Parliament, visited the Kirakira Hospital and correctional facility, met with the provincial executive and handed over a cheque worth $2.9-Million as part payment for the land for the new provincial township.

The new township will be called Solomon Sunaone Mamaloni Town.