PM Sogavare and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Hon Maelanga taken on a tour of the new website by the Web Manager Mr Ohasio.

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare this morning launched a new website dedicated to informing and educating Solomon Islands and the world about the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government decisions and policy implementation activities on a timely basis.

The new website: is operated by the Prime Minister’s press team with the help of a contracted web manager Mr Campion Ohasio.

PM Sogavare delivers his speech at the website launch

PM Sogavare delivers his speech at the website launch

The Prime Minister said, “This occasion is historic in the sense that the DCC Government is the first political government that recognises the importance of providing information to Solomon Islanders at home and abroad and others about government decisions and activities on a timely basis.

“With this recognition, the DCC Government is committed to ensure an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability in its governance of the nation. We believe that transparency promotes accountability and creates a greater level of trust by the public in their government.

“The government plays a vital role in the lives of its citizens through the decisions it makes, hence the significance of the government informing and educating them about its decisions.

”With the ever-growing popularity of social media usage in Solomon Islands, the Democratic Coalition for Change Government must rise above the challenge of providing timely information to Solomon Islanders about the decisions it makes and the progress of its policy implementation.

“When I assumed office in late 2014, I promised Solomon Islanders that I would be committed to providing them with a more transparent government with a zero-level of tolerance for corruption.

“This initiative to provide timely information on government decisions and policy implementation progress honours this commitment and moreover will ensure aloofness in the government to make responsible decisions at all times as well as efficiency and effectiveness in delivering its policy promises.”

The Prime Minister then encouraged his Cabinet Ministers to capitalise on this new platform for information dissemination to promote the progress and achievements their ministries have made in terms of the DCC Government policy objectives and any other ministerial activities.

He said he decided to launch this website on this New Year’s Eve because 2016 will be the year of action in terms of the DCC Government’s policy implementation and he wants the year captured right from its start.

The website manager Mr Ohasio explains how the website will be managed to the website launch attendees.
The website manager Mr Ohasio explains how the website will be managed to the website launch attendees.

The Prime Minister said from this new website anyone can obtain accurate information on Cabinet decisions and government activities and therefore urged Solomon Islanders to turn to this website to update themselves about their government.

Further to the provision of government information in the form of Media Releases, audio and video recordings will also be featured on this web-page.

Parliament proceedings and press conferences will also be streamed live when all necessary equipment are obtained.

This website is linked to the PM’s Press Secretariat FB page which has been operational since the beginning of this year. Audiences accessing this FB page can just click on to ‘read more’ to get to the web for more details.