PM Sogavare visits Day Adventist Fulton College in, Nandi, Fiji

    The Democratic Coalition for Change Government has put in place a policy aimed at increasing the country’s base of Doctors of Philosophy (PHD).

    Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare spoke of this new policy initiative to Solomon Islands students at the Seventh Day Adventist Fulton College in, Nandi, Fiji during a dinner he hosted for them last night.

    The Prime Minister is transiting is in Nandi on his way back to Honiara after completing the Suva leg of his MSG Capitals’ tour.

    He said only 25 Solomon Islanders currently posses a PHD and this is very low compared to other Pacific Island countries like Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

    Prime Minister Sogavare said Solomon Islands has a very high birthrate and the only way that the Solomon Islands Government can make its human resources useful to economic development is to educate them and the DCC Government is committed to educate Solomon Islanders to the highest level of education.

    He said as part of policy initiative, the DCCG will ensure all Solomon Islands Government sponsored students who do well in their courses to continue on to the next level of studies till they reach PHD level.

    The Prime Minister also spoke about the DCC Government’s move to introduce a legislated long-term national development plan to ensure continuity despite any change of political government.

    He said the government is also addressing structural issues that impede development such as corruption, land dispute and political instability.

    Elaborating on corruption, Prime Minister Sogavare said this is one of the serious problems that the government must address head-on if it is serious about accomplishing a successful and prosperous Solomon Islands.

    He said the DCC Government has put together a bill, which is ready to be tabled in the next sitting of Parliament.

    On the issue of land dispute, the Prime Minister said the DCC government is serious about addressing the problem of land dispute with the introduction of a new land management system.

    For political instability, Prime Minister Sogavare said the DCC Government would be reviewing the Political Parties Integrity Act to fix loopholes for political instability.

    The Prime Minister and his delegation are due back in Honiara tomorrow.