Hon Moses Garu, Minister of Lands, Housing and Survey.

    Minor amendments the Valuers Act 2009 will enable the Government to set definite requirements and be consistent on how valuers must calculate and estimate land valuation in Solomon Islands, including clearer provisions governing the registration and licensing of valuers.

    Hon Moses Garu, Minister of Lands, Housing and Survey made the remarks when he presented the Valuers (Amendment) Bill 2016 in Parliament last Thursday. The bill was passed on the same day.

    In presenting the Bill, Hon Garu said amendment to the Valuers Act is necessary as it has become apparent over the years that some provisions in the Valuers Act covering the registration and licensing of valuers require review and amendment.

    The Minister for Lands, Housing and Survey said the bill is the result of extensive consultation between all licensed and registered valuers in Solomon Islands.

    He said the bill also sought amendments on the composition of the Valuers Board allowing only Board membership of professions closely linked to land valuation, while also introduce clear guidelines to distinguish full registration to temporary registration of valuers, including a provision that only citizens can take full registration.

    “These tougher requirements will ensure that only qualified people can practice valuation in this country, and it will also introduce stricter limits on non-citizens, thereby introducing additional protection for local valuers”, he said.

    The bill also allows a person full suite of appeal rights to the Minister in case the Valuers Board and the Valuers Association is negligent in its duties, or refuses as applicant for registration that the applicant fells that the decision is unreasonable.

    Mr Garu said the Valuers Act itself is only a few years old, but the valuers themselves have proposed to fix some minor issues that have been identified since the Valuers Act 2009 came into force, hence the Valuers (Amendment) Bill 2016.