Hawaii Commitments Open For Online Comments from Congress Participants

IUCN World Congress Participants at the 2016 congress in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The outcome document for the 2016 Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) held in Honolulu, Hawaii is now open for online comments  from all congress participants at: www.iucn.org

The IUCN said each World Conservation Congress produces a statement that summarises key issues, aspirations, new ideas or actions emerging from its many activities and deliberations.

As such, it said the Congress Steering Committee in collaboration with the Host Committee and following consultation with the IUCN Council decided that the 2016 Congress would have the working title as follows:

The Hawaii Commitments:

  • Express the spirit of both formal and informal deliberations arising from the Congress including inspiration words and concepts;
  • Distill ideas emerging from the ‘high level dialogues’ during the Forum and the discussion of ‘Issues of Strategic Importance’ during the Members Assembly that provide ‘new big-picture’ ideas or practices have advanced since the previous Congress; and
  • Capture major new initiatives and innovations emerging from the Congress.

The IUCN said the Hawaii Commitments will not be a negotiated text, adding that the term ‘commitments’ is hereby used to convey its congress members’ collective commitments to conservation action with the sense of urgency demanded by the Congress theme: Planet at the Crossroads.

It said the Congress Steering Committee has established a subcommittee to oversee the drafting process based on reports from session rapporteurs and comments from Congress participants on draft versions of the text.

“The Hawaii Commitments document will be open for online comments from all Congress participants.  The Congress web page will have a section where participants will be able to view the draft version and enter their comments. Draft versions will be posted twice on the Congress webpage in three official languages English, French and Spanish during the Congress.

“The Hawaii Commitments’ First draft will include inputs from discussions of the six Forum High level Sessions and will be open for online comments from 7th September (today) at 9:00am hours until 8th September (tomorrow) at 12:00pm.”

“The Second draft will include inputs from the three IUCN Members Assembly discussions on ‘Issues of Strategic Importance and will be open for comments on September 9th from 8:00am to 12:00pm,” the IUCN said.

The IUCN said the final document of the Hawaii Commitments would be presented this Saturday, 10th September during the 8th sitting of the Congress Members Assembly.