Easter Greetings From Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Damukana Sogavare MP

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Damukana Sogavare,

A Blessed Easter Greetings to you my fellow Solomon Islanders and friends who have chosen to visit our shores and join us in our Easter Celebrations.

I am pleased to convey to all Christians nationwide the best wishes of the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) on this significant occasion in our Christian Calendar – Easter.

Easter is the time when we Christians commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It reminds us of God’s powerful and inspirational act of sacrificial love and radical forgiveness, which has ever been witnessed by mankind.

For many of us, the Easter festivity is both a solemn and joyous time. It is also an opportunity for us to recap and reflect on the milestones and blessings that have been bestowed upon us and to give thanks accordingly.

Some of us will take this opportunity to spend valuable time with family and friends. Our families have provided us with the strength to face our daily challenges and Easter is a time when we can honour each of our families.

It is a time for giving; a time for us to help the less fortunate. A friend in need is a friend indeed as the saying goes. It is also a time for us to show appreciation to those who have stood beside us through our darkest moments. Those darkest moments have moulded our resolve just us the crucifixion of our Dear Lord has shaped our beliefs through the test of time.

Likewise, we too have conquered those moments and our struggles and sacrifices are testaments that show we will continue to strive even if all odds are against us.

On this occasion I would like to also share my Easter greetings to His Excellency the Governor General His Excellency Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui and Lady Grace and family.

To the Deputy Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Maelanga, all Government Ministers and Government Backbenchers and their families. Also to the Leader of the Official Opposition, Hon Jeremiah Manele and Members of the Opposition and their families, Leader of the Independent Group, Hon Derek Sikua and Members of the Independent Group and their families.

May our Lord continue to Bless each and every Leader as you discharge your duties to the people of our beloved Solomon Islands.

To the Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer and the Judiciary, May God’s Blessing be upon you and your families. May the resurrected Lord forever guide you in the dispensation of justice to our people.

To the Commissioner of Police, Mr Mathew Varley and the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, Commissioner of Correctional Services, Mr Francis Haisoma and the Members of the Correctional Services may the Strength and Courage of our Lord continue to be upon you in providing to this Nation our source of security and order.

To our Diplomatic Friends, Easter blessings be upon you as we continue this journey together. A journey that ultimately seeks the prosperity of this Nation and those whose friendship we share. The DCCG Government thanks you for your continued support.

To the Doctors who serve to care for the sick, may God’s healing hand guide you as carry on your task to care for our sick and suffering.

To Public Servants and Teachers in Honiara and in the Provinces, may God’s blessings be bestowed upon you. You are the cornerstones of this Country.

Also in extending greetings to all our Christian communities, and families, I want to acknowledge with gratitude the wonderful contribution the Church has made towards our Nation.

On behalf of the DCCG Government, May I extend our thanks and appreciation to the leaders of all our Christian Churches for their commitment and great compassion in serving the needs of our communities without fear nor favour.

It is my fervent prayer that we will continue to seek to help others experience the love, compassion and forgiveness of God in the way we conduct ourselves and relate on a daily basis, to those around us.

For those of us mandated with national leadership responsibilities, this holy season gives us an opportunity to introspect our lives to see whether we have been executing our leadership roles in the best interest of the nation. If there is anything that we as leaders can learn from Jesus, then it is ‘Servanthood in Leadership.’ Servient leaders primarily focus on the growth and well-being of the people and communities they serve, which underlies the standing principle that to lead is to serve.

On behalf of my Wife Emmy and family, we wish you all and your families a Blessed and Safe Easter.

God Bless us all and may our Almighty Father in Heaven continue to Bless our Solomon Islands from shore to shore.

Hon Manasseh D Sogavare, MP

Prime Minister of Solomon Islands