Taiwan Reimburses SIG For Funding Paid For RSCD

Ambassador Luo presenting the funding documents to Prime Minister Sogavare.

The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is releasing a total of SBD$28.3-Million to the Solomon Islands Government as reimbursement for funds paid by the Solomon Islands Government for the following causes:

  1. $2.80-Million is for the 2015 RSCD (Rural Social & Economic Development Project) Third Tranche for seven constituencies;
  2. $2.40-Million for 2016 First Tranche of RSCD for eight Constituencies;
  3. $3.90-Million for 2016 Third Tranche of RSCD for 13 Constituencies;
  4. $18.8-Million for 2016 third Tranche of RSCD for 47 Constituencies; and
  5. $0.4-Million for 2016 RSCD.

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare today received and signed documents presented to him by the Taiwanese Ambassador to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Roger Luo, for the release of the funds.

Ambassador Luo told Prime Minister Sogavare during the brief presentation ceremony that the Government and People of the Republic of China are pleased and committed to assist the Solomon Islands Government and People in their social and economic development efforts.

The Ambassador also took the opportunity to inform the Prime Minister of the assistance Taiwan is providing to farmers in Malaita Province and its planned establishment of a Malaita-Taiwan Farmers’ Association.

He said one of the biggest problems Taiwan faces with its farmer assistance programme in Malaita is land and he is pleased that the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) is working to address such problem through its Land Reform Policy.

Prime Minister Sogavare conveyed the appreciation of the Government and People of Solomon Islands to Ambassador Luo for Taiwan’s unwavering commitment to improving the livelihood of Solomon Islanders.

He said Taiwan’s assistance to Solomon Islands through RSCD is a donor funding assistance that has greatly impacted on the livelihood of Solomon Islanders because it is not channeled through the formal bureaucratic system.

The Prime Minister said the DCCG is working to revive the Development Bank of Solomon Islands in its efforts to empower Solomon Islanders to actively participate in development.

He also acknowledged the assistance Taiwan is providing to farmers in Malaita, saying it is yet another demonstration of Taiwan’s commitment to improving the livelihood of Solomon Islanders.