RAMSI Seen By Christians As Divine Intervention To Calls For Help: PM

Prime Minister Sogavare delivering his speech.

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare said Christians in Solomon Islands see the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) as a divine intervention to the country’s call for help.

The Prime Minister made the remarks in his speech at the ecumenical service hosted by the Solomon Islands Government at the Maranatha Hall today to begin the RAMSI Farewell celebrations this week.

“To all Christians in Solomon Islands, RAMSI is a divine intervention. Yes the divine intervention to our call for help is RAMSI,” Prime Minister Sogavare said.

He said God answers prayers and delivers those who call on him in times of trouble and God was the unseen adviser in all the decisions that culminated in the various strategies to restore peace in the country.

He said everybody would agree with him that RAMSI became a household name and the symbol of hope, peace and order for Solomon Islanders.

He said the RAMSI Farewell celebrations mark the beginning of a new era for Solomon Islands and as such, it is only fitting that the country begins its celebrations by acknowledging God who is behind the efforts to restore peace.

Above: The Anglican St Barnabas Cathedral Choir and below: The South Sea Evangelical Church Women’s Fellowship Choir.

Prime Minister said all would agree with him that RAMSI became a household name amongst Solomon Islanders for its accomplishments over almost 14 years of operation in the country.

“We are gathered here today to give thanks in particular for the many achievements that RAMSI has brought to Solomon Islands.

“We give thanks because our children can play freely. We give thanks because we are able to function again as a sovereign country. We give thanks because we can continue to stand together as one people and nation.

“We give thanks because the divisions that created animosity have withered. We give thanks because we are proud to be Solomon Islanders. We give thanks because the silent prayers of our people have been answered. We give thanks because we are able to walk together again and show the world that we have overcome our struggles.

“Most of all, we give thanks for RAMSI and acknowledge it as a workable platform and a rebuilt Solomon Islands is testament to that achievement.”

The Prime Minister said RAMSI will remain forever in the history of peacebuilding as a modality for intervention, adding it is his hope that lessons learned from RAMSI will be used to restore peace to those who need it.

He said because of the success of RAMSI, Solomon Islands is united and ready to stand on its own again, adding that by the grace of God, the country will be able to conquer the challenges ahead and prevail as a nation.