RAMSI A True Pacific Success Story: Minister Tozaka

Minister Tozaka speaking on the motion for Parliament to look at the joint report by the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI on the mission's 14 years operation in Solomon Islands.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Milner Tozaka today lauded the story of RAMSI as a true Pacific success story that must be shared globally.

Minister Tozaka was contributing to the motion moved by Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare for Parliament to look at the joint report by the Solomon Islands Government and RAMSI on the  14-year intervention.

“The story of RAMSI is a true Pacific success story. This story is one that the region can truly take pride in.

“The success story of RAMSI must be shared beyond the region and Solomon Islands must take the lead in sharing this story.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade said the world needs to know about the story of how Solomon Islands regional neighbours came to its aid and helped pulled it back from the brink of collapse.”

Minister Tozaka said the Prime Minister has already been sharing this success story at international forums, including the United Nations General Assembly and moreover,  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade will continue to play its role in also sharing the story.

He said as Solomon Islands moves forward from its dark past, its engagement with the international community, including the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission should continue to be strengthened.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade said moving forward, Solomon Islands has to acknowledge and fully embrace that fact that there can be no development without peace and security and there can be no peace and security without development.

He said Solomon Islands also has to embrace that fact that neither peace, nor development can occur without respect for human rights, adding that the pillars of peace, development and human rights are underpinned by the respect for the rule of law.

Minister Tozaka said Solomon Islands is a culturally rich and diverse nation and this cultural richness and diversity should be celebrated and embraced, adding that unity in diversity should be the country’s mantra.

Acknowledging that RAMSI is a partnership between Solomon Islands and its pacific regional neighbours, he thanked the thousands of Solomon Islanders who in their own way contributed to the success of RAMSI.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade also thanked the thousands of Solomon Islands Pacific regional neighbours who lend their hand in support of the country.

He said the country should conjure memories of lifelong friendship forged through the highs and lows of the RAMSI partnership.