PM Acknowledges Mr Hsu’s Contributions Through ROC Embassy

Prime Minister Sogavare and the outgoing First Secretary of the Taiwanese Embassy, Mr Hsu.

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare has acknowledged the outgoing First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Honiara, Mr Chin-Tsorng Hsu, for his invaluable contributions to the work of the embassy during his term in office.

Mr Hsu who will be leaving Solomon Islands soon for his next posting after completing his three-year term of service.

In his role as the First Secretary, Mr Hsu was in charge of the Taiwanese supporting projects administered by the embassy, including those related to rural development, medical services and public health, agriculture, education and vocational training and sustainable development.

Mr Hsu also served as the Taiwanese Embassy’s Liaison Officer and in that role, he was responsible for coordination between the embassy and the Taiwan Technical Mission and Taiwan Health Centre in Honiara in terms of the delivery of their various programmes.

Mr Hsu yesterday administered the brief signing ceremony at which Ambassador Luo handed to Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare the documents confirming the release of two new payments from the Republic of China Government to the Solomon Islands Government for RSCD and various causes. RSCD is the abbreviation for ROC (Republic of China) Support for Constituency Development.

Ambassador Luo took the opportunity to introduce Mr Hsu to the Prime Minister and also inform him of his various contributions to the work of the Taiwanese Embassy in terms of project administration and liaising with the Taiwan technical Mission and Taiwan Health Centre to ensure efficient delivery of their programmes and imminent departure from Solomon Islands for his next posting.

In response, Prime Minister Sogavare said Taiwan continues to provide invaluable support towards development in various sectors in Solomon Islands and Mr Hsu having been in charge of these development projects for the last three years deserve acknowledgement for the instrumental role he played.

The Prime Minister wished Mr Hsu and his family well as they leave Solomon Islands and in the country of their next posting.

Mr Hsu told the Prime Minister that he enjoyed serving Solomon Islands through the Taiwanese Embassy and that he and his family have made many local friends and appreciate the warm heartedness of Solomon Islanders.

Mr Hsu is married with two children. He has previously served in Malawi and New Zealand. His next posting is San Francisco in the United States of America.