PM Jointly Opens Destiny Global Church Resource Centre

Prime Minister Sogavare, Pastor Mesepitu, Pastor Bako, Destiny Global Church Resource Centre Elder and Chairman of Public Service Commission, Eliam Tanirongo and Pastor Sam Petali from Papua New Guinea at the church opening ceremony.

Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare has joined Pastor Ellison Bako from the Kingdom Harvest Church to open the ‘Destiny Global Resource Centre’ at Green Valley in Central Honiara.

The Destiny Global Resource Centre is the name of the new church building of the Christian Outreach Church. The Kingdom Harvest Church and Christian Outreach Centre are members of the Solomon Islands Full Gospel Association.

The church opening held last Saturday, July 8th, coincided with the first anniversary of the passing on of the wife of the Destiny Global Church Resource Centre, Pastor Robyns Mesepitu. Late Noelyn Mesepitu has tirelessly worked alongside her husband on the church building construction project.

The project started in 2004 and was completed a week prior to the opening ceremony. It was financed through tithes and offerings from members of the church as well as kind donations from Pastor Mesepitu’s Sipo tribe of Vella La Vella Island in the Western Province, a sister church of the Destiny Global Church Resource Centre in Brisbane, Australia, Honiara businesswoman Ms Ruby Lee and the Solomon Islands Ports Authority.

In his remarks on the occasion Prime Minister Sogavare thanked the Pastor of the Global Destiny Resource Centre, Pastor Robyns Mesepitu and the church leadership for inviting him to participate in the opening ceremony.

The Prime Minister said the naming of the church building as centre rather than the commonly accepted term ‘church’ is a standing testimony and reminder to all other Christian denominations that Christianity is a complete religion.

The Prime Minister said this is because Christianity is not complete until it addresses all four aspects of the human being: social, physical, mental and spiritual.

Above: Prime Minister Sogavare and Pastor Bako opening the church building and below: A front view of the church building.

He said Solomon Islands is suffering from the problem of church denominationalism because Christians tend to focus more on denominational issues rather than addressing the four aspects that make for wholesome Christianity.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged Pastor Mesepitu and his late wife Noelyn for building the church in an area where some people may perceive as unsafe.

He said this was as an act of faith which reminded him of the story of Jesus walking on the water.

The Prime Minister said if Jesus was able to walk on the water and then there is nothing impossible for him to do through Christians who wholly trust in him and yield themselves to carrying out his will.

He said he was pleased to note that the Destiny Global Church Resource Centre continued to live up to its commitment to reach out to youths with the message of God’s love in order to transform them into good citizens.

Prime Minister Sogavare also took the opportunity to underscore the importance of embracing unity at all levels of the society and amongst the different Christian Church denominations.

He said Christians, despite holding the same Bible, suffer from denominationalism- confining themselves to their various denominational practices.

The Prime Minister said this is a huge problem which brings into question whether Christians do really believe in Jesus who lived and taught unity during his life on Earth or their ‘denominational beliefs.’

He said Christians should forget about their little denominational issues and instead focus on nation-building as a unifying factor to take the country forward.

Pastor Bako also acknowledged Pastor Mesepitu and his late wife Noelyn for the vision God gave them to build the Destiny Global Church Resource Centre.

Prime Minister Sogavare and Pastor Mesepitu cut the cake marking the opening of the church building.

“As we come today to witness the dedication of this resource centre called Destiny Global Church Resource Centre, I want to appreciate the effort you and your late wife have put into putting this centre on the ground so that lives can be blessed,” he told Pastor Mesepitu.

Pastor Bako also acknowledge the Prime Minister for sparing time out of his busy schedule to participate in the programme.

He said this is a manifestation by the Prime Minister that he truly loves and honours God.

Pastor Bako said so many things are happening in the political domain, but the Prime Minister has shown himself to be a man of standing.

“The churches believe God has chosen you Prime Minister Sogavare to lead the nation in this crucial time in national history and we will continue to stand by you in our prayers,” he added.

In his ensuing sermon, Pastor Bako spoke from the Book of Isaiah Chapters 59 to 61 on the theme of nation-building and national transformation.

He said it is important for the church to understand that there is no shortcut to national transformation because God deals by principles and the principles are embedded in his Word (Bible).

Pastor Bako said Christians must go back to the Bible must go back to the Word of God to understand what the principles of God are for national transformation.

He said God can use anyone, including the ordinary people to be nation-builders if they walk within his principles just as Joseph and Daniel of the Old Testament era.

Pastor Bako said one very important principle in starting a relationship with God is to believe on the basis of God’s principle of covenant because God is a covenant God.

“We must understand that God operates by principles and one very important principle to God starting a relationship with you is that you must believe on the basis of his principle of the covenant because God is a covenant God.

“That is why it is important that we understand covenant because God speaks covenant. God lives covenant, God operates covenant. You violate covenant, you violate the principles of God.”

Pastor Bako said it is on this basis that Christians believe in dedicating Solomon Islands back to God so that the nation will worship God and put him back in his rightful place.

He added that God is the God of nations and is coming to raise Solomon Islands to become a nation that other nations can be blessed through and learn from.

Pastor Bako said he believes there is something that God is doing in Solomon Islands that is very different and it is important that the nation puts God in his rightful place in order to rise and fulfil its purpose in God.

The church opening and dedication ceremony included the unveiling of the headstone of the grave of Late Noelyn Mesepitu which is located just beside the church building.