Western prov gov’t affirm support for PM Hou


THE Western provincial executive have affirmed their full support for the new Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela.

In a brief courtesy visit to the Prime Minister this week, Western province premier Wayne Maepio congratulated the Prime Minister on behalf of his executive and people of Western province.

“My people congratulate you on your election and we will support you and your new Government as we look forward in working together with you for the good of our people,” Mr Maepio told the Prime Minister.

The Western premier also briefed the Prime Minister on his province’s flagship policy which is tourism.

‘Logging is depleting and tourism has been identified as an alternative sector that can enhance economic growth and rural development for our people,” Mr Maepio said.

Mr Maepio also briefed the Prime Minister on the development updates at the Noro Port which was welcomed by the Prime Minister.

The Western premier also highlighted the shipping dilemma faced by the province which his executive is currently working on a proposal to seek support from the Government.

Prime Minister Hou in response, have acknowledged the premier and his executive for visiting his office.

The Prime Minister also informed the premier on one of his administrations immediate task and that is to stabilize the fiscal situation.

Prime Minister Hou also acknowledged the serious concerns raised about the border issue; whilst underlining resource constraints as one of the challenges.

In terms of tourism, Prime Minister Hou have agreed that tourism potentials are huge in the Western province and it could have positive impacts on our people.

“I hope with the ongoing work on the Munda International Airport, this can be an additional boost for tourism in the province and Solomon Islands as a whole,” he said.

Meanwhile, Premier Maepio have also invited the Prime Minister to be the official guest of honor at the Western Province 2nd Appointed Day on December 7th.

Prime Minister Hou have humbly accepted the invitation.